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Maritime Tribes team photo

It began in 2014 as a celebration of our home town, Newport, Rhode Island – and then it expanded from there. We thought: doesn’t everyone want beautiful and useful objects of the place they love?

We bring a love of fine textile and paper together with a passion for fine art, maps and ephemera. The manufacture of product is where we are laser focused, and we're proud to continue a long legacy here in Fall River, Massachusetts. 

Fall River Vintage Mill Photo

Some say our home town of Fall River is down on its luck; some say there's no future; some say the game is up -  there's probably a town near you with the same post-industrial blight.


We tell a different story about Fall River. While the town has a proud and industrious past, we see an even brighter future. We're committed to bringing meaningful employment to Fall River and make as many products here as possible. You can say we're living our mission statement: LOVE your place.

We strive to treat everyone that is touched by Maritime with the love of Christ - this includes customers, our employees, our vendors and shareholders.

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